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Sourdough bread

How to Bake a Sourdough Loaf – for People Who Can’t Bake

Sourdough as a subject matter is emotive. It is personal, as you will understand if you’ve ever been on the journey. It is also likely to spark excitable and sometimes heated debate amongst people from all walks of life – as Sourdough is also accessible to all, and especially during these times of ‘excessive home … Continue reading “How to Bake a Sourdough Loaf – for People Who Can’t Bake”

Working in Your (my) Twenties

When I was younger I worked in corporate. Most companies didn’t have the propensity for lush, trendy work spaces like they do nowadays. I always felt liked I’d been sucked into some sort of impenetrable socially-acceptable goo with my mortgage and ‘hot desking’ (which was all the rage). However, at the time I was hooked … Continue reading “Working in Your (my) Twenties”

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