How to Make a Sourdough Starter – for People Who Can’t Bake

I am notoriously bad at baking. In my career as Mother and general house-servant I have somehow managed to absorb the recipe for sponge fairy cakes which can be used for pretty much anything because as long as you whack a sugary substance on the top everyone will eat it without question. However, one thing … Continue reading “How to Make a Sourdough Starter – for People Who Can’t Bake”

Sourdough bread

How to Bake a Sourdough Loaf – for People Who Can’t Bake

Sourdough as a subject matter is emotive. It is personal, as you will understand if you’ve ever been on the journey. It is also likely to spark excitable and sometimes heated debate amongst people from all walks of life – as Sourdough is also accessible to all, and especially during these times of ‘excessive home … Continue reading “How to Bake a Sourdough Loaf – for People Who Can’t Bake”


I call to you now and ask you to reflect, to see through the dementia of years, through the medicated consolation, the depression, and the memory loss. See what I remember in this moment and feel my youthful hands grasp your weathered face as I plant a plush kiss on your weary forehead. But most … Continue reading “Grandfather”

The Wind Makes Me Mad

Wind travels across the world, occasionally dying and then being reborn elsewhere in a different guise as a breeze, but always taking with it…something. On occasion if I allow the wind to speak to me as it pummels my face, I feel a little soreness of heart that is not mine. In the region of … Continue reading “The Wind Makes Me Mad”

Setting the Scene – A Short Story of an Artist at Work

Her beautifully painted red toes gripped the concrete floor as she padded across it’s iciness at 6.15am. Kicking an overthrown cardigan from the only seat in the room, she sat between two offensive rips on the brown leather upholstery and sucked in a sharp breath of hot steam from her coffee cup. Condensation attempted to … Continue reading “Setting the Scene – A Short Story of an Artist at Work”

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